Organic Essential Oils in Eau Claire, WI

Essential oils are popular among naturalists and health-conscious individuals for a wide variety of reasons. Not only do they smell fantastic, they also have many peripheral properties, such as the ability to calm you, perk you up, help you focus and more.

Whether you’re someone who likes to put them in a diffuser or you prefer to make your own infused products, Mother Nature’s Food, Inc. has what you’re looking for. We’re your destination for organic essential oils in Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, and Chippewa County, WI.

We have many different ways and items to use and create with your essential oil creations:
Empty spray bottles in different sizes, deodorant containers, plastic Tubs, lip balm containers, and more!!

Organic Essential OilsFor more information about our selection of organic essential oils and other peripheral products, please stop in today and speak with our friendly staff. Or, if you’re looking for a specific oil or supplements, please visit our nutrition store or contact us at 715-834-2341.