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Everything You Need to Know About Colloidal Silver

February 7, 2018 10:54 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

These days, there are tons of all-natural products on the market that are supposed to help ward off infections, fight diseases or just make you feel better in general. Colloidal silver has demonstrated itself to be one of the more popular dietary supplements out there. You can find colloidal silver at practically any supplement store in Eau Claire, WI, and for good reason. Many people swear by colloidal silver’s positive health benefits. Keep reading to learn more about it! What is it and how does it work? Colloidal silver is made of microscopic silver particles dissolved in a liquid. While... View Article

Get to Know the Paleo Diet and What It Can Do for You!

January 29, 2018 2:32 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are a lot of diets out there, but we only tend to hear about the ones that work (for good reason). If you’re getting into the dieting mindset, you’re probably reading more and more about a diet called the “paleo diet.” Not only has this new diet mindset taken the weight loss world by storm, there have been some amazing success stories that have given it a devout following. Before jumping into any diet, it’s important to get familiar with the rules and stipulations of how it works. The last thing you want to do is stock up at... View Article

Understanding CBD: Its Benefits and Where It Comes From

January 10, 2018 2:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve been hearing more and more about the medical benefits of marijuana, alongside many of its associated terms, concepts and prospects. Unfortunately, this has caused a lot of confusion—namely when it comes to the relationship between marijuana, cannabis and hemp. People think they’re one in the same, but they’re actually all quite different, despite being related. One such term that’s thrown around liberally is “CBD.” CBD—shortened from cannabidiol—is a cannabis-derived compound that’s especially intriguing to members of the health and wellness community. It’s one of more than 130 cannabinoids found in... View Article

Ingredients to Avoid in Your Beauty Products: Do Some Research Before You Purchase Natural Beauty Products in Eau Claire, WI

December 25, 2017 3:25 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It is important for consumers to use just as much discretion with what’s on the label of their beauty products as they do with analyzing the labels of their food. While the FDA regulations do apply to the beauty product industry, these regulations are minimal when it comes to the kinds of chemicals a company can or cannot put into its products. The next time you purchase natural beauty products in Eau Claire, WI, make sure to avoid products that use any of the following types of ingredients: Parabens: Parabens are a type of preservative commonly used in beauty products.... View Article

Why You Should Buy a Free-Range Turkey This Year

December 12, 2017 3:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As a health food shop in Eau Claire, WI, it’s probably not surprising that when it comes to our meats, we find free-range to be preferable to factory-farmed meats, which frankly rely on a certain unthinking and cruel mindset that daily demeans each animal before its slaughter, all in the name of saving money and energy. We know that, for a lot of families, free-range is cost-prohibitive, meaning there’s no way to replace all of their meat consumption with free-range meat. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to decrease their consumption of factory-farmed meat. One very simple way... View Article