Beauty Product Ingredients You Should Avoid

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Believe it or not, it’s just as important that you carefully analyze ingredient lists for beauty products as it is for food and beverages. There are many ingredients found in shampoos, lotions, cosmetics, sunscreens and more that can cause adverse health effects of varying severities.

Ultimately, the best way for you to avoid these issues is to use organic beauty products in Eau Claire, WI and not have to worry about these chemicals at all. Here are some specific examples of ingredients you should avoid when purchasing your beauty products:

  • BHA: Commonly found in perfumes and exfoliants, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) is considered by the National Toxicology Program to be a human carcinogen, and can cause skin depigmentation. In studies on animals, exposure to BHA resulted in liver damage and stomach cancers like carcinomas and papillomas, while also interfering with usual development of the reproductive system and with thyroid hormone levels.
  • Triclosan and triclocarban: These chemicals are frequently found in deodorants, toothpastes and antibacterial soaps. Triclosan became especially ubiquitous in the 1990s, when antibacterial products exploded in popularity. The FDA agrees there are no health benefits associated with triclosan, and in 2013 ruled that any manufacturers using it were required to prove there were no long-term negative effects associated with its use. Triclocarban is popular in bar soaps, and has many of the same negative effects: both have been linked to impaired muscle function, impaired immune function, increased allergy symptoms, bacterial resistance and hormonal disruptions.
  • Parabens: Parabens are common in a variety of beauty products, including shampoos, makeup, moisturizer, shaving gel, spray tan products and personal lubricants. The FDA has acknowledged several studies that link parabens to conditions such as breast cancer, skin cancer and a decreased sperm count. Look for products that are labeled “paraben-free,” as the negative effects of parabens have become more widely known in recent years.
  • Polyethylene and PEGs: These substances are found in scrubs, body wash, toothpaste and makeup, and are often seen in the little plastic beads in face and lip scrubs. These are gentler substances for the skin than natural exfoliators, like walnut shells. However, they often contain contaminants that are considered by the federal government to be probable human carcinogens capable of penetrating the skin.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate: This substance is frequently found in face and mouth washes, toothpaste, foundation, body wash and shampoo. Common side effects associated with its use include skin irritation, eye damage, oil imbalance, canker sores and other issues, and some studies have linked it to acne, especially cystic acne, around the chin and mouth.
  • Coal tar: Coal tar is a natural byproduct of coal processing, and is often found in shampoos and hair dyes. It is widely known to be a human carcinogen, meaning it can cause cancer and other serious health conditions.

For more information about some of the substances you should definitely avoid when purchasing beauty products, contact Mother Nature’s Food today. We will be happy to recommend some organic beauty products in Eau Claire, WI that you can use instead!

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