Can Seniors Exercise Safely?

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As we age, our bodies change quite a bit. We often tire more quickly, hurt more easily and our bodies simply don’t move the way they used to. It can be easy for someone who once led an active lifestyle to find themselves slowing down as they get older, which leads us to the question of whether seniors can exercise safely. As a natural food store that also offers nutrition tips in Eau Claire, WI, we have one answer to that question: “Move it or lose it!”

Who should exercise?

Exercise, along with a proper diet, is key to everyone’s health, whether you’re a child or a senior. Seniors can only benefit from exercise, and doctors say that you should remain as active as possible as you age. While you may need to make adjustments to the ways in which you stay active, there’s no reason why you can’t find an exercise routine that fits your body and your lifestyle.

How does exercise benefit seniors?

The old adage “move it or lose it” means that if you don’t use your body, you’re going to lose the ability to do certain things. While there may be some things outside of your control, exercising regularly can help ensure that your body continues to work for you for as long as possible. There are many benefits to exercising as a senior, such as improving strength, increasing energy levels, maintaining flexibility, improving balance and even boosting your mood. Exercise can also help ward off certain diseases associated with age, including heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes.

What types of exercise are best for seniors?

Before you start a new exercise routine, you should always consult your doctor. Your doctor knows your body best and can help you design an exercise plan that is safe and effective. However, in most cases, your exercise routine should include activities that fall into these four categories:

  • Flexibility: Stretching your muscles helps keep you limber and maintain your mobility. Yoga is a great, low-impact way to stretch your muscles.
  • Strength: Muscle training helps keep your muscles strong and stops or reduces the loss of muscle mass as you age. Some great strength training exercises include using a resistance band or doing bodyweight exercises, such as pushups.
  • Balance: Balance training can help prevent falls and maintain your mobility. Tai Chi and yoga are excellent balance training exercises.
  • Endurance: Exercises that fall into this category increase your breathing and your heart rate. This is good for maintaining a healthy heart and lungs and building energy. There is wide range of endurance activities, including stair climbing, walking, dancing and swimming.

If you want to embrace a healthy lifestyle as you age, exercise is key. If you’re finding it hard to stay motivated, find a group or community to support you. At Mother Nature’s Food, we’re always happy to talk with our customers about ways to stay healthy. In fact, people often come here for nutrition tips in Eau Claire, WI. If you want to kickstart your health, stop in to Mother Nature’s Food today!

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