Everything You Need to Know About Colloidal Silver

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These days, there are tons of all-natural products on the market that are supposed to help ward off infections, fight diseases or just make you feel better in general. Colloidal silver has demonstrated itself to be one of the more popular dietary supplements out there. You can find colloidal silver at practically any supplement store in Eau Claire, WI, and for good reason. Many people swear by colloidal silver’s positive health benefits. Keep reading to learn more about it!

What is it and how does it work?

Colloidal silver is made of microscopic silver particles dissolved in a liquid. While not 100 percent proven, there are a few theories as to how colloidal silver actually works. One thought is that it binds with your DNA and helps prevent your DNA from unwinding. Others say that colloidal silver promotes catalytic oxidation, which helps cells convert nutrients to energy. The final theory is that colloidal silver reacts with bacterial cell membranes to stunt their growth. Regardless of how it actually works from a chemical standpoint, people across the globe use it for a variety of reasons:

  • Antibacterial: Bacterial infections affect hundreds of thousands of individuals each year. What’s worse is that these nasty bacteria are starting to become resistant to antibiotics. Those who live by colloidal silver say that the silver molecules can destroy the bacteria that standard antibiotics can’t touch.

  • Cold and flu: It’s flu season! If you are around people that have the flu using colloidal silver, especially as a nasal spray, can be beneficial in fighting off those nasty bugs. If you already have the flu, some people say that taking colloidal silver supplements may be able to help fight the bug.

  • Pneumonia: Prescription drugs can only do so much for those suffering from pneumonia. After a certain point, patients may have to be hospitalized to get well. Those who trust colloidal silver swear that if it’s inhaled, it can fight off pneumonia better than modern medicine. A teaspoon of nebulized silver is thought to do wonders for your lungs.

  • Skin care: Colloidal silver isn’t just used inside the body—it can be used on your skin, too! Silver is thought to be great for helping to heal burns. In addition to prescription medications, colloidal silver can help treat more serious skin conditions like ringworm and eczema.

Where can I find it?

If you’re interested in taking colloidal silver, you’ll probably want to know where you can buy some! Though you may be able to buy it at major pharmacy chains, your best bet to find colloidal silver is at a supplement store in Eau Claire, WI! At Mother Nature’s Food, we carry a wide selection of colloidal silver products to help treat your ailments. In addition, our friendly staff members can help answer any questions you may have surrounding colloidal silver and its potential benefits.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about colloidal silver, or you’re ready to buy a vial, visit Mother Nature’s Food! We have plenty of colloidal silver in stock as well as all the answers to your questions surrounding it.

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