Give Your Immune System a Boost with Elderberry

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Cold and flu season is rapidly approaching, so it’s important that you start thinking about some of the steps you can take to boost your health and improve your immune system. There are strategies you can use, including adding certain foods and remedies to your health routine. The best part? These solutions are available at your local health food store in Eau Claire, WI!

Elderberry is one example of an old herbal remedy that has been shown to help the body’s immune response to colds and flus. Elderberry has been a primary ingredient in various teas and syrups for hundreds of years, and continues to be an important natural immune booster today, also showing up in gummies, pills and lozenges. It’s packed with antioxidants, and is believed to boost the body’s natural immune response.

Choosing an elderberry product

It’s not just enough for elderberries to be on the product label—you should make sure you carefully read labels and do your research beforehand so you’re actually getting an effective, high-quality product.

Here are a few of the most important pieces of information for you to find on any product label before making a purchase:

  • Active ingredient: What is the common name and the botanical name of the primary active ingredient? There are several species of elderberry, and it’s important to know which one as used, as the different species can have different effects and benefits.
  • Part of plant used: Which part of the elderberry plant was used for the particular product you’re looking at? The roots or bark of the plant, as well as unripe and raw berries, can be toxic, and should not be used in certain forms.
  • Manufacturer: Look for the manufacturer’s name and contact information, and do a bit of background research on the maker of the product to make sure they’re legitimate.
  • Whole or extract: Is it a whole herb product or an herb extract product? If an extract, was it a standardized extract, and what is the primary active ingredient in the product?
  • Expiration date: Always make sure the expiration date (if applicable) has not passed.

If you can find a high-quality elderberry product, it can be included as part of a healthy lifestyle heading into cold and flu season, especially when used in conjunction with foods and products that are high in vitamins C, E and B6, all of which also support healthy immune function. When properly prepared, both elderberries and the flowers from the plant have a very low risk of adverse effects, though women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are generally not recommended to take any sort of elderberry product.

As always, you should consider an elderberry a supplement for a healthy immune system and not a medicinal product, and you should consult with a doctor if you have any questions about using it.

For more information about how you can boost your immunity with elderberry, contact Mother Nature’s Food or visit our health food store in Eau Claire, WI today.

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