Go Green for Your Picnic or Party Supplies

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Each day, more and more people are waking up to the importance of staying green. Thinking about (and consciously reducing) our impact on the environment is critical if we want to preserve the world for future generations. Fortunately, enjoying your favorite summer pastimes, like going on a family picnic or planning a get-together, doesn’t have to strain the environment.

Here are some tips, courtesy of your local health food store in Eau Claire, WI, to go green at your next big gathering.

You’ve heard of BYOB (which is still never a bad policy), but if you want to reduce your impact on the environment, don’t bring disposable cups and flatware. Ask people to BYOCAU, or bring your own containers and utensils. That way, you won’t have to worry about bringing half your kitchen to the picnic site, and you won’t accrue a colossal pile of slow-decomposing garbage, either.

While you’re at it, ask people to bring their own water bottles, too. You can supply the drinks in a thermos.
Bring a tote

When you’re carting all of your food and accessories out to the picnic site, you might be tempted to use those plastic grocery bags you get in the store. In fact, a pile of reusable tote bags is both cheap and immensely helpful. They’re sturdier and more spacious than plastic sacks, in addition to being easier on the environment. Plus, once you have some tote bags, you can carry them to the nearest health food store in Eau Claire, WI on everyday grocery runs.

Go green around the edges
There are plenty of ways to plan a green picnic. You can ask guests to use public transportation, or pick a location that’s easy to get to by walking or biking. You can use reusable napkins to reduce the trash accumulated. You can pack environmentally-friendly sunscreen. There are innumerable ways to go green when planning a picnic—you just have to keep your eyes open.

Pack an organic meal
Now that you’ve got all the supplies you’ll need for a green family picnic, it’s time to think about the food you’re packing into your baskets. Before you head out, you’ll want to stop by the best health food store in Eau Claire, WI: Mother Nature’s Food.

Since we opened our doors back in 1971, our family owned and operated store has worked tirelessly to help our valued customers lead healthier, happier lives. We offer a massive assortment of healthy products, including healthy food and snacks, gluten-free options, natural herbs and spices, protein powders, vitamins and minerals, skin care products, essential oils, organic cosmetics and so much more.

Regardless of the products you’re in search of, one of our friendly and helpful team members will take the time to walk you through our extensive selection of products. At Mother Nature’s Food, we’re in it to help. That’s our promise to you. All you have to do is stop by and start asking questions. We’ll take care of the rest!

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