How Do I Know Which Protein Powder Is Right for Me?

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There are numerous reasons to start taking protein powder on a daily basis. Athletes adding mass, workers focused on an assignment, busy travelers and those transitioning to a plant-based diet can all benefit from protein powder.
Of course, once you begin searching for a protein supplement designed for you, you might find there is an overwhelming number of options available. Not to worry—here are some tips to whittle down the options, courtesy of the team at Mother Nature’s Food, the premier supplier of natural and organic foods in Eau Claire, WI.

Consider the source

Protein powders are made from various sources, but they boil down to two major categories: the protein powder is either plant-based or animal-based. The choice comes down to personal preference. For example, some people take ethical issue with animal-based protein powders and, therefore, lean toward plant-sourced options.

Consider your goals

As noted above, people begin using protein powder to accomplish a wide range of goals. Protein powders act as valuable aids when you want to lose weight, build muscle, commit to a vegetarian lifestyle, cut back on sugar, and more. When you start your search, ensure your protein powder supports your long-term goals rather than hinders them.

Take a look at the sugar content

No matter how it’s packaged, refined sugar is bad for you. Some protein powder manufacturers use hefty amounts of refined sugar to fill up space without adding helpful calories or carbohydrates. Make sure you’re not inadvertently pumping up your sugar supply while searching for a protein boost.

Consider the carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are scientifically proven to improve the absorption of amino acids. Ensuring a strong carb count in your protein powder—shoot for about 3% of your suggested daily carbohydrate intake—speeds absorption and even stimulates muscle growth.

Look for the NSF label

NSF International is an organization committed to inspecting alternative health products and breaking down their ingredients. If a protein powder bears their telltale approval, it’s a sign that the product inside has undergone thorough testing and performed admirably. Not many natural and organic foods in Eau Claire, WI earn the NSF label, so it’s best to pay attention when it shows up.

Get help from the experts

Every day, the knowledgeable team at Mother Nature’s Food proudly provides an assortment of natural and organic foods in Eau Claire, WI. Our selection of goods doesn’t stop there. We also offer a broad array of vitamins and minerals, essential oils, natural health and beauty products, organic cleaning supplies and more. You never know what you might find at Mother Nature’s Food!

Customers across the extended Eau Claire area rely on us for more than cutting-edge health and wellness products. They also come to us to ask for answers to today’s most pressing health questions. We take that responsibility seriously, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure our entire staff is up to date and ready to help. Contact us today to find out more or inquire about our selection.

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