Keto Eating Benefits

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Have you heard of the keto diet? Are you familiar with its benefits? With so many food crazes and fad diets in the news today, it can be hard to sort through the frenzy and find something useful. Your health food shop in Eau Claire, WI wants to help.

The keto diet is one option that offers several benefits. Following is an overview of keto eating and how you can benefit from this diet.

The Keto Diet

If you’re going to benefit from a diet, the first obvious step is to learn exactly what that diet is. The keto diet is short for ketogenic diet. This is a low-carb, high-fat and adequate-protein diet.

The goal of keto eating is to encourage your body to reach a state of ketosis. This occurs when you get more calories from protein and fat than from carbohydrates. Rather than getting your energy from glycogen (sugar), your body moves on to other sources. It processes fat into ketones, which then provide the main fuel source for your body. In other words, your food intake limits the body’s store of sugar, so the body breaks down fat and protein for energy instead. Other key benefits include:

  • Weight loss:
    As your body’s metabolism changes, you will lose weight. The body actively burns fat for energy instead of sugar. Additionally, as your blood sugar drops, fat cells release retained water. This causes additional weight loss as you lose the extra water weight.
  • Clearer skin:
    One cause of acne may be related to the level of sugar in your diet. Highly processed carbs may cause blood sugar fluctuations that negatively affect skin health. The reduction in carbohydrates can therefore reduce acne outbreaks.
  • Healthier appetite:
    Do you ever find it hard to control cravings as your stomach rumbles and you’re dying for a cookie? When you cut down on carbs for keto eating, you won’t be as hungry as often. You will have better appetite control, which helps continue the cycle of healthy eating and reduced caloric intake.
  • Increased energy:
    When your body is fueled by glycogen, it can quickly run out of energy. You need to constantly refuel. On a keto diet, your body is fueled by fat, of which it has plenty. With a more reliable source of fuel, you may experience increased energy levels.
  • Balanced cholesterol:
    Did you know there are two types of cholesterol? LDL is the kind of cholesterol your doctor is always warning you about, while HDL is the good cholesterol that you want to raise. Keto eating helps decreases the level of triglycerides in your body and increases the HDL levels. By generating good cholesterol, the keto diet can improve your heart health.

Would you like to learn more about keto eating and the benefits of this diet? Your local experts at your health food shop in Eau Claire, WI are ready to assist you. Contact the friendly team at Mother Nature’s Food today with any questions, or visit our store for a great selection of keto diet-friendly products. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve a healthier lifestyle!

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