Our Top Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

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With the start of the new year often comes a resolution to lose weight and start living a healthier lifestyle. While heading to the gym is a great start, some folks don’t realize that healthy living often starts at health food stores—not fitness centers.

Continue reading to learn a few things you can do to help improve your wellbeing when you’re at the grocery store:

  • Plan ahead: Healthy grocery shopping actually starts before you even walk into the grocery store. We recommend planning out your meals for the week and making a list of all the ingredients you’ll need. Of course, you’ll want all (or at least most) of these recipes and ingredients to be health conscious.
  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach: Going to the grocery store when you’re hungry is a recipe for disaster. Folks who shop on an empty stomach are more likely to impulse-buy food that they don’t need—and many times, the stuff they buy isn’t healthy. Having a healthy snack before heading to the store is your best bet for success.
  • Shop the perimeter first: Most grocery stores keep all of their healthy foods on the perimeter of the store and their junk foods towards the center. To ensure you’re filling up your shopping cart with healthy foods and not chips and cookies, start by browsing the exterior aisles.
  • Explore the produce section: Don’t skip the produce section when you’re at health food stores! The fruits and vegetables in the produce section contain all the ingredients you need to make healthy, tasty meals. Remember that the produce section is likely one of the outer aisles.
  • Consider frozen or canned fruits and veggies: If you’re new to buying fresh produce, you’ll find that fruits and veggies can spoil quickly. Not only are these spoiled ingredients a waste of money, but they can also start to stink up the kitchen. You can substitute fresh ingredients for canned ones if you’re worried about waste.
  • Go for items canned in water: Be sure to check the ingredients when you’re in the canned food aisle. As you can imagine, items canned in water instead of oil or sugary syrup are better for you. Additionally, look for goods labeled as “no sodium” or “low sodium.”
  • Read nutrition labels: Don’t stop with the canned goods when it comes to reading labels. Take some time to read the labels of all the items you’re considering buying. When comparing two goods, always go with the one with the lowest amount of sodium, saturated fat and added sugar. A little extra reading at the grocery store goes a long way in keeping your recipes healthy.

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