Preparing Your Body for Colder Weather

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Winter will soon arrive, and vitamin supplements and proper hydration in Eau Claire, WI are key to preparing for the cold. The stress of the holidays and the less hospitable temperatures often throw people into a mental and physical tailspin. If this is true for you, it is time to start taking preventative measures now. Here are five tips for preparing your body for colder weather:

Find your winter pitfalls: Take some time for self-reflection and consider what brings you down every winter. For many people, it is the lack of sunlight or the stress of higher heating bills. Other people find the holidays leave them feeling stressed and sad. Make a list and see if there are activities that will counteract these feelings. Modify your gift-giving traditions if there is holiday stress surrounding shopping, or invest in a programmable thermostat if heating bills get you down. Also, find ways to socialize and enjoy activities so you do not feel isolated.

Take vitamins: Nordic countries experience long periods of cold and darkness, but do not present the same rates of seasonal affective disorder. One key to this is the Nordic diet of primarily fish, which gives people larger reserves of vitamins A and D. You can create the same effect by purchasing fish oil caplets at your health food store or add more fish to your diet. Many symptoms of winter depression arise from malnutrition, and a regular vitamin regimen can help with that.

Get some light: Daylight hours decreased dramatically in winter, and that often creates feelings of depression and lethargy. If you are sensitive to this change, purchase a dawn simulator. Much gentler than an alarm clock, it gradually brightens your room at your wake-up time so you rise with an artificial sunrise rather than a jarring alarm. Spending some time outside will also help. Whether it is a brisk walk in the morning or taking up snow skiing, physical activities will work wonders at making winter feel less despairing.

Stay hydrated: Proper hydration in Eau Claire, WI is easier in the summer when the weather is warm and you often feel thirsty. Winter produces effects that also cause dehydration, mainly low humidity. Add a humidifier in your bedroom so you breathe easier without dry air assaulting your nasal passages. Be as mindful about water consumption as you are in the summer. If you prefer a warm drink, herbal teas offer hydration while also helping you feel cozy.

Be mindful: If your winter funk does not easily go away, seek help. Seasonal depression is common and not something to leave untreated. Even if you’ve never experienced it before, it can still manifest with age and life changes. If winter leads you to isolate and feel shut in, find opportunities to socialize. It is often difficult because people are less willing to go out and see the world. However, it is worth the effort, and even one social encounter a week will make a huge difference.

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