Six Benefits Offered by Essential Oils

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Essential oils can contribute to your healthy lifestyle. Many people report essential oil benefits in Eau Claire, WI and experience lower stress levels and better focus. If you are interested in adding healthy essential oils to your routine, here are six benefits they can offer:

  • Antibacterial/antiviral: People with allergies and asthma are often sensitive to commercial cleaning products. Bleach is hailed as a weapon during this pandemic, but truthfully, those with respiratory struggles cannot tolerate it. Lemon essential oil offers antibacterial, antiviral and antihistamine properties that make it a favorite ingredient in natural cleaning products. You can also use it on insect bites or wounds to reduce swelling and infection.
  • Fungicide: When humans and animals develop skin fungus, it is often hard to reduce. Over-the-counter remedies may work, but often result in burning and other irritation that can be worse than the fungus itself—especially for someone with sensitive skin. Tea tree essential oil controls fungus and is popular as a veterinary treatment. It works for humans as well. Oregano oil is effective against warts, athlete’s foot and ringworm. However, as it is powerful, dilute it with coconut oil first.
  • Pain control: Healthy essential oils in Eau Claire, WI can help with pain, especially neck pain and headaches. Rubbing peppermint oil on your temples or smelling it can loosen your head muscles and manage tension headaches. Massage therapists also use mint oil tinctures for sports or repetitive stress injuries. When mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut, oregano is also a powerful remedy for sore muscles. If you have regular massage appointments, ask for aromatherapy to enjoy these benefits.
  • Focus: A common use of essential oils is to promote focus. Whether it’s for a brain boost or to achieve a calming effect, keeping essential oils at work can help you become more productive. Peppermint often wakes up your brain with one whiff and improves concentration. Lavender oil reduces stress and promotes calmness, so if you are agitated over a deadline or general stress, it can help calm your mind so you can think clearly. Lemon oil can also invigorate the senses, but be aware that if you apply it to your skin, you will become more sensitive to the sun.
  • Digestion: Between stress and processed foods, we all experience digestive upset once in a while. Essential oils can help. Lavender oil helps the stomach, as does peppermint oil. It is why mint teas are so popular with those who suffer upset stomachs or heartburn.
  • Hair and skin condition: Lavender oil is great for relaxation, but if you add it to a bath, it will also help dry skin and promote hair growth. Lemon oil also promotes hair growth, and as we are facing a time with fewer salon treatments, it may be a good alternative. As indicated above, tea tree oil is great for fungus and itches, and it can also help you if you have dry skin.

Mother Nature’s Food offers healthy essential oils and products that will help you embrace natural remedies. To learn more about essential oil benefits in Eau Claire, WI, visit us today and see what we have to offer.

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