Six Ideas for Using Essential Oils

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Essential oil uses in Eau Claire, WI are not limited to diffusers. There are ways to enjoy essential oils even if you do not have a diffuser. Many people find the scents reassuring, but are not able to afford or find the right diffuser. If this is your situation, here are six ideas for enjoying the benefits of essential oils without a diffuser:

  • Plain cotton balls: You likely own a bag of cotton balls, since they are one of the more useful household supplies. They are also an option for essential oils. Apply a few drops of your favorite oil on the cotton ball and place it in the fan vent of your car or even in your floorboard. The moving air will help the scent travel through your car or home.
  • Spray bottle: Either repurpose an empty spray bottle in your home or buy a few from the local dollar store. Add a few drops of oil to water and set the bottle to a fine mist. Now you have a natural chemical-free air freshener. Anytime you need an essential oil fix, just grab your bottle for a few sprays. You can also use this mixture as a linen spray if you find lavender or tea tree oil a calming addition to your bedtime routine.
  • Create a stovetop diffuser: You do not need an actual diffuser to create the same effect. Sure, they are a useful tool, but you can do the same thing on your stove. Fill a pot partway with water and add a few drops of your favorite oil. Do not boil the water, but work it into a steady stream. Add more oil if needed. Your kitchen will fill with fragrance.
  • The dryer: Many people find the scent of dryer sheets overwhelming. A good alternative is wool dryer balls, which reduce drying time and static electricity. Dryer balls also make good carriers for essential oils in Eau Claire, WI. Add a few drops of your favorite oil to each dryer ball. If you do not own dryer balls, add drops to a washcloth and toss it in with wet clothes.
  • Bath time: You can enjoy the therapeutic scents of essential oils in a warm bath. Just add a few drops and enjoy the steaming effect as the stress of working from home or herding children slowly dissipates. Some oils, like tea tree oil, are also helpful for itchy skin conditions, and that adds an extra layer of therapy. You can enjoy the scent of the oil on your skin for several hours after your bath, too.
  • The bottle method: Sometimes, you just need to smell the oil to enjoy its benefits. Feel free to keep it in its bottle and take a deep breath if you are feeling unfocused or stressed. If the oil is safe for your skin, rub two to three drops into your palms or wrist. Whenever you feel the need, cup your palms and breathe deeply.

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