Stress the Importance of Hydration When Your Kids Head Back Into the Classroom This Fall

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During the hot summer months, it’s easy for you and your children to stay hydrated because your bodies are telling you that you need more water. But now that back-to-school season is in full swing, it’s not as easy for you to help your child stay hydrated while they’re in a classroom.

At our health food shop in Eau Claire, WI, we offer a wide variety of organic foods, vitamins and supplements to keep you and your family healthy, but nothing is nearly as important as water. It’s very important to stress to your child how important drinking water is throughout the day. Not only will dehydration affect their health, but it will also affect their ability to perform well at school. If your child plays sports, too, it’s especially important that they are getting enough water during the school day.

Benefits of drinking water

Everyone knows that water is important to human life, but do you know exactly why? Here are some reasons your child needs to stay hydrated, both at school and at home:

  • Improve focus and memory:
    Dehydration can make focusing extremely difficult, and remembering key concepts even harder. These problems can be catastrophic in school, since your child will have a harder time remembering what they learned, and their grades may suffer.
  • Provide energy:
    School days can be long, especially for a young child. When your child drinks plenty of water, though, they’ll be able to sustain their energy throughout the day and beyond, making getting through each school day easier.
  • Support immune system:
    Germs are everywhere in the classroom, and colds and the flu spread so easily between classmates. When your child is hydrated, though, their immune system is better equipped to tackle bacteria and viruses, keeping them healthy.

Tips for keeping your child hydrated

It can be difficult to make sure your child is getting enough water during the school day, but there are some easy tips to make drinking water easier and more fun for your little academics.

Buy your child a reusable water bottle in their favorite color, or have them help pick their favorite one out. Encourage them to drink six to eight cups of water, or select a bottle that makes it easy to track. For example, you can tell your child that they should drink two full water bottles a day.

Children don’t always like to drink water, instead opting for soda or juice with more exciting flavors. You can add lemons or oranges to their water bottle to add more flavor and make drinking water more fun.

Also, make sure you pack water-rich, healthy foods like fruits and veggies into their lunchboxes. This is a great way to make sure they stay hydrated without having to drink as much water. Selecting organic foods from a health food shop in Eau Claire, WI will also ensure their lunches are packed full of vitamins and minerals to boost their energy and health, too.

At Mother Nature’s Food, we aim to provide parents and children alike with natural foods and clean products for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Our health food shop in Eau Claire, WI is stocked with hundreds of options, from organic foods to vitamins to essential oils and health and beauty items. Come browse our selection and receive product advice from our knowledgeable staff to live healthily and happily.

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