Understanding Seasonal Allergy Symptoms in Eau Claire, WI and How to Find Relief

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Approximately 20 percent of all Americans suffer from some form of allergies, the most common of which are seasonal allergies (followed by food allergies). People who have particularly severe seasonal allergy symptoms in Eau Claire, WI may be prescribed certain pharmaceuticals, but some of them can actually aggravate the symptoms for which those medications were prescribed.

Fortunately, you don’t always need to take medication to keep allergy symptoms in check. There are a variety of natural relief methods you can try out before you go to the doctor for something a little stronger. It just takes a little bit of understanding about the kind of symptoms you’re experiencing.

With this in mind, here’s some information about some of the most common symptoms people experience with their seasonal allergies and how to combat them.

Common allergies and their symptoms

Allergies are a result of hypersensitivity in your immune system. When the immune system senses antigens in the body, it may start to overreact to their presence, causing some damaging responses that affect your entire body. Some examples of these antigens include pollens, animal fur or dandruff, dust and certain types of foods.

People who suffer from allergens have their bodies produce a chemical called histamine, which is designed to help the body counteract the allergen that it has come into contact with. The allergic reactions you experience happen when the body produces immunoglobulin E antibodies, which cause symptoms throughout your body. With seasonal allergies, these symptoms typically include sneezing, stuffed or runny nose, dry eyes, itchy eyes or nose, watery eyes or red eyes.

There are many different things you may encounter in your daily life that can prompt these symptoms. For example, pollens from trees, plants and grasses are common offenders, but even simple dusts and animal fur around your home could be a problem. Other causes of allergic reactions include insect bites, stings, mold, some medications, foods and latex.


There are a variety of treatments available for allergy symptoms. Conventional treatments are most likely to include over-the-counter medications and antihistamines, as well as eye drops, skin creams and diet changes. A person who has particularly severe allergies might need to carry an EpiPen with them in case they suffer a severe allergic reaction.

However, most conventional approaches treat the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. You can make your body much less prone to these allergic reactions by eating a healthy diet that’s dense in important nutrients and is anti-inflammatory in nature. Neti pots allow you to clear your sinuses without having to use medications to do so. Certain foods and oils also have naturally healing and fortifying properties that can allow you to avoid the use of certain types of medications.

These are just a few examples of some of the many treatments available to you if you suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms in Eau Claire, WI. For more information about the most common types of seasonal allergies, their causes and the various options you have for treating your symptoms, contact Mother Nature’s Food today.

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