What Are the Benefits of Organic Deodorants?

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Many of us have gotten used to deodorants that cause breakouts and razor burn. These annoyances are so common, in fact, that consumers have accepted them as an inevitable part of personal hygiene. Thankfully, these pore-clogging products aren’t your only option. Below are some of the benefits Eau Claire, WI residents can enjoy when they buy organic deodorant from their local vitamin and supplement store.

Lower risk of life-threatening disease

That stick of traditional deodorant could be doing you more harm than good. Popular brands have been linked to serious illnesses such as breast cancer. All those chemicals that are hard to pronounce on the ingredients label are the culprits behind diseases that could’ve been easily prevented. Check out the vitamin and supplement stores in Eau Claire, WI to find an all-natural deodorant that combats odor without compromising your health.

Aluminum-free skin care

Aluminum-free deodorants have risen in popularity ever since it was revealed that aluminum is the most dangerous toxin in traditional deodorants. It clogs your sweat glands and disrupts the body’s natural sweating process. The chemical also traps bacteria in your pores, which can make body odor worse. When you think about it, aluminum actually causes the opposite of traditional deodorant’s intended effect. The organic deodorant you find at vitamin and supplement stores will prevent odor while allowing your sweat glands to function like normal.

Stay fresh the natural way

Organic deodorants use natural ingredients to keep you smelling fresh all day long. The traditional sticks of deodorant found at Eau Claire, WI drugstores contain artificial fragrances that irritate the skin. Herbs in more natural products such as lavender and lemongrass not only smell amazing but fight odor-causing bacteria as well. Other deodorants merely cover up the bad-smelling bacteria. Once you experience the natural scents of organic deodorant, you’ll never go back.

Avoid toxic skin irritants

The harsh chemicals in traditional deodorants are the reason why you’re suffering from razor burn. As mentioned above, artificial fragrances lead to skin rashes and those red, swollen bumps many consumers are forced to live with. Organic deodorants boost skin health so you can finally feel soft and smooth under your arms. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and witch hazel repair the damage caused by toxic chemicals, making them the perfect remedy for sensitive skin.

Keep clothes crisp and white

To top it all off, traditional deodorants ruin your clothes. They create yellow stains in the armpits of white T-shirts and leave white streaks across dark clothing. But not organic deodorants! They’re free from artificial ingredients that chemically react with the most commonly worn fabrics. All-natural products save your expensive garments, which allows you to both smell and look your best.

It’s hard to find organic deodorant at the typical drugstore. Individuals who want to make the switch to more natural products should visit Mother Nature’s Food. Our shelves are fully stocked with health and beauty products that are free from aluminum and naturally freshen your pits with essential oils. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and discover a deodorant that banishes odor the natural way!

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