What Are the Best Natural Remedies for Headaches?

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Everybody gets a headache from time to time. Whether it’s a mild throbbing at the center of your brow or a debilitating pounding in your temples, no one enjoys enduring headaches. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the option to reach for some kind of over-the-counter headache relief like acetaminophen or aspirin. If you’re dealing with blood pressure issues or are prone to a sensitive stomach, those conventional pain relief methods may prove more harmful than helpful.
Fortunately, you can gain headache relief with the aid of a healthy lifestyle supplemented by natural and organic foods in Eau Claire, WI. Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

Living healthy is the best bet

The most effective remedy against headache pain is prevention. Try to eat and sleep on a schedule, and get regular exercise. Another of the most common reasons people suffer from headaches is eye strain. Overexposure to screens or even diminishing eyesight as you age can contribute to a powerful headache. Of course, even if you live a perfectly healthy lifestyle, headaches are sometimes unavoidable. When that happens, here are some natural and organic foods in Eau Claire, WI that can alleviate your pain.


Recent studies suggest that those people who suffer frequent, powerful headaches often have a magnesium deficiency. Taking supplements can reduce the intensity of these headaches. That said, it’s important to consult with a knowledgeable professional about dosage, as too much magnesium can upset your stomach.

Essential oils

More and more, research indicates that essential oils like lavender oil or peppermint oil can reduce the symptoms of tension headaches and migraines. These essential oils are just two of the varieties on offer that are specifically designed to provide relief from a variety of ailments.

B vitamins

One of the safest natural remedies for chronic headaches is a B vitamin supplement. Varieties like riboflavin, B12 and folate have been shown to reduce the severity of headache symptoms when taken regularly. Because B vitamins are water soluble, any excess left in your system is flushed out when you urinate.

Go herbal

There are a number of herbal remedies passed down from family to family (and now from professional to professional) that may soothe a headache when mixed together. All you have to do is find the right one for you. A natural food store professional can help you find the perfect herbal remedy for your headache.

We’re ready to help

At Mother Nature’s Food, we understand that there are as many varieties of headaches as there are varieties of people. That’s why we’ve worked to educate our customers about proper nutrition and the benefits of a natural lifestyle since we opened in 1971. That’s how we’ve become the most trusted purveyor of natural and organic foods in Eau Claire, WI and the surrounding area.
When you need advice on how to live a happier, healthier life, Mother Nature’s Food is ready to help you get on the right track. That’s our promise to you. Find out more by stopping by or visiting us online today!

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