What Foods Are the Best for You After a Heart Attack?

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Are you wondering what to eat after a heart attack? It may seem frightening now that you have to make changes following a scary health occurrence, but it must be done to help you remain healthy and recover. You should add many foods to your diet, and others you should avoid. You can read about those foods below.

Best Foods To Eat Following a Heart Attack

The goal following a heart attack is to try and change your diet the best way you can to include plenty of fruits, veggies, beans, seeds, nuts, and protein. Adding these foods will help you maintain optimal health and gain the required vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Make sure that you put more plants into your daily diet. You can do this by centering your selection on beans, nuts, fruits, veggies, and seeds. This will ensure you receive the fiber, vitamins, and nutrients required to keep your health at an optimal level.

Additionally, you should include more healthy fats in your diet, including avocado, nuts, and olive oil. Avoid eating too many fatty foods derived from animal or fried foods. If you love meat, avoid processed meats and opt for lean meats. You can still eat chicken, but avoid eating the skin.

Whole grains, such as pasta and white bread, should also be a part of your diet following a heart attack. If you cook pasta, make sure it is whole wheat. The same applies to rice. Instead of eating white rice, cook brown rice.

If you are a fan of canned goods, you can still add them to your diet. Just make sure you purchase canned foods that don’t contain too much salt.

Finally, you should ensure that you are getting a lot of omega-3 in your diet, which can be found in sardines, tuna, and salmon.

Foods To Avoid Following a Heart Attack

Following a heart attack, there are also foods you should limit or avoid altogether. Most of these foods contain too much salt, sugar, and fats that are not good for you.

Foods that are processed, including crackers, cookies, and chips, should be avoided completely following a heart attack. They don’t contain too many vitamins and minerals and have an extreme salt content.

Try not to add additional salt to your meals and instead try other ways to add taste to your food, using various spices and herbs.

If you enjoy cheese and milk, you don’t have to eliminate them from your diet. Instead, purchase milk, cheese, and yogurt that doesn’t contain too much fat.

Also, you should eliminate any drink or food that contains too much sugar, such as candy and soda.

Limit your salt intake, avoid consuming alcohol, and limit how much caffeine you drink. If you think water is your friend following a heart attack, think again. While some water is good, too many fluids can actually put more stress on your heart than normal.

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