Which Essential Oils Work Best as Bug Repellents

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Yes, you can walk into any grocery store or pharmacy and pick up chemically-created bug repellents. However, there are natural ways to fight off bugs so you and your family don’t have to spend your entire summer ignoring the temptation to scratch at their aggravating bites and stings. There are essential oils in Eau Claire, WI that naturally tell insects to “bug off!”


An herb usually reserved for our feline friends, applying catnip is one of the essential oil uses in Eau Claire, WI that can drive away insects. Studies conducted on catnip essential oil found that this worked better than DEET at keeping bugs away for a period of up to two hours.


Undiluted clove oil is a great method of fending off blood-sucking mosquitoes. A study of 38 different natural oils found that clove was effective at repelling insects for up to four hours. However, undiluted clove oil can be an irritant to the skin, so use with caution.


Lavender is an all-star essential oil. Not only does lavender ease anxiety and help you get a full night of sleep, but it also repels a number of different insects. Spritz lavender oil in your closet to keep away moths. If ants are invading your pantry, pour some lavender oil into a saucer and leave it out to drive away these minuscule monsters. Last but not least, lavender is also effective at repelling mosquitoes and other bloodthirsty bugs.


Extracted from the fruit and seeds of the neem tree, this oil, when mixed with coconut oil, is effective at driving away up 500 different insect species from ticks to mites. No mosquito stands a chance against well-applied neem oil, so skip the DEET and go natural instead.


Since 1948, citronella, which is a derivative of lemongrass stems and leaves, has been registered as a plant-based insect repellent. But unlike the other oils mentioned, citronella masks the scents that attract insects. Citronella candles and diffusers are the most effective at hiding attractive smells from bugs. Combining citronella with vanillin applied topically to the skin also works for up to two hours.

Kaffir lime and basil

Mixing these two essential oils in Eau Claire, WI makes a killer combination for bugs. With the inclusion of other oils such as vanillin, turmeric and citronella, this blend will ward off inconsiderate insects that want to rain on your parade. Research has found that a mix of kaffir lime and basil is up to 100 percent effective at repelling bugs for up to three hours.

It’s impossible to count all of the essential oil uses in Eau Claire, WI that can benefit you. These natural products are the best way to prevent bug bites and repel pests. But it’s hard to know which option will be right for you. The team at Mother Nature’s Food is dedicated to helping people live their healthiest lives while making this world a greener place. As the summer rapidly approaches, contact us today if you have questions about finding the right essential oil for your needs.

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