Why Natural Vitamins Beat Synthetic Every Time

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Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to function. A lack of vitamins in your diet can lead to a variety of harmful health conditions like osteoporosis, obesity, anorexia and iron deficiency. Not having the right vitamins in your diet can have a long-term impact on your overall wellness.

For this reason, you might take a multivitamin or other supplement to ensure that you’re getting enough nutrients in your diet. But the fact is that not all vitamins are created alike. For a variety of reasons, synthetic vitamins don’t do the job properly. Your body doesn’t recognize them as real vitamins, so that supplement you’re taking may be useless—or worse, bad for your health.

How do you know you’re getting what’s right for your body? Well, you should choose a vitamin and supplement store in Eau Claire, WI with an expert staff that can tell you exactly what you need. Mother Nature’s Food has a highly qualified team that can guide you toward the best decisions for your wellness. Let’s take a look at why natural vitamins are preferable to synthetic ones.

What’s the difference between synthetic and natural?

Simply put, natural vitamins use the extracted form of the vitamin straight from plant sources. They’re the real deal. They’re not created in a lab to be chemically similar to vitamins, as synthetic vitamins are. These synthetic products lack the transporters and co-factors necessary for the body to absorb and use the vitamin.

How is this a problem?

Consequently, synthetic vitamins often sit dormant and provide essentially no function. This means you could be taking supplements every day but still have a vitamin deficiency. The body will either excrete the vitamin or store it in fatty tissue.

Fat soluble vitamins, like A, D, E and K, are naturally found in fish, oil, butter and leafy green vegetables. However, most people don’t get enough of these in their diet and are recommended to use a supplement. The problem is that with the synthetic varieties of these vitamins, they’re liable to build up in the liver or fatty tissue and cause toxicity. As a result, that thing you’re doing to get healthy may actually be hurting you!

Where to go for natural vitamins

Unfortunately, the vitamin market today is dominated by the synthetic variety. So if you look on the back of a bottle and see that “vitamin E” you’re taking is actually dl-alpha, a synthetic form, you want to switch to d-alpha, the natural form.

Are you looking for a high-quality, all-natural vitamin and supplement store in Eau Claire, WI with a large selection of products? Then choose Mother Nature’s Food. We’ve been around for over four decades, providing everything from multivitamins to probiotics to herbs and protein powders. Our friendly and professional staff will walk you through our wide selection of products. We want you to have an excellent understanding of the best way to treat your body and improve your wellness. Stop by today to get your health back on the right track!

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