Why Should I Take Papaya Enzyme?

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If you frequent natural and organic food stores in Eau Claire, WI, you may have noticed papaya enzyme supplements on the shelves. Papayas are delicious to eat in their raw form, but many people have also found great benefits in the more concentrated forms of papaya enzyme.

Also called papain, papaya enzyme is extracted from raw papaya plants to be used in various ways. The enzyme helps break down proteins, which is why it’s often used in meat tenderizers. It’s also available in the kinds of products you’ve likely noticed at natural and organic food shops like Mother Nature’s Food in Eau Claire, WI. Whether in topical, chewable or capsule form, these products are used for a variety of health-related reasons. Here are some of the ways people might incorporate papaya enzyme into their routines.

To promote healing

Papaya enzyme is used as a natural remedy for many types of wounds and skin conditions. Some people who suffer from skin ulcers rely on papaya enzyme to help ease their symptoms. If you want to try using a topical product containing papaya enzyme to treat a skin condition, be sure to test a small dab on your skin before using it more extensively in case you happen to be allergic to it.

To soothe sore throats

It is believed that papain or papaya enzyme can help to ease sore throat pain by reducing swelling and redness. Many people take it when they are suffering from colds or allergies to make it easier to swallow.

To reduce swelling

Papaya enzyme is sometimes used to help those recovering from wounds to promote healing. Many believe papaya enzyme reduces swelling after injuries, including everything from cuts and bruises to surgery.

To aid digestion

Many people consume papaya enzyme regularly to help ease digestive issues like constipation and bloating. If you have chronic gastrointestinal problems, it would be worth consulting your doctor about incorporating papaya enzyme into your natural and organic food diet and routine.

To soothe sore muscles after hard workouts

There are many supplements that body builders swear by, and some of them contain papaya enzyme for its ability to reduce swelling and promote healing. Some runners and other athletes also swear by papaya enzyme as a part of their workout recovery routine. It’s believed that the enzyme can reduce swelling and help people feel better after intense workouts.

Ways to incorporate papaya enzyme into your health routine

Papaya enzyme is a popular folk remedy for many reasons. People swear by its ability to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. Many use it for digestion issues like diarrhea, to treat infections and to ease allergy symptoms. Whether you are interested in bringing the papaya enzyme into your health routine to help treat a chronic illness or to help you recover from hard workouts, be sure to consult your doctor before diving in.

If you’re ready to give it a try, you can find excellent papaya enzyme products in your hometown natural and organic food store in Eau Claire, WI. Come to Mother Nature’s Food today to learn more!

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