Why Should I Use Herbs in My Cooking?

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Who says healthy cooking has to be boring and bland? Well, a lot of people say that, but it simply is not true. When you use herbs to infuse your dishes, healthy eating can become flavorful and exciting. Few people realize the health benefits that are added to ordinary foods simply by adding in a few fresh herbs.

f you are discouraged from using fresh herbs because they are expensive in the grocery store, the good news is herbs are also super easy to grow at home. You can easily start a fresh herb garden right on your kitchen window sill.

So, how exactly why should you start incorporating these wonderful little plants into your cooking? Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of cooking with herbs.


We will start with everyone’s favorite aromatic herb, basil. Basil is relatively inexpensive in the grocery store or health food stores, and it is also easy to grow yourself. This makes basil very accessible. Not only is basil great in cooking, but it smells wonderful growing as well. Basil can be added to just about anything, but it really adds a healthy burst of flavor to chicken and tomato dishes.

In addition to its wonderful taste and aroma, basil is also packed with vitamins such as Vitamin K.


Don’t forget about basil’s best friend, oregano. We often think of oregano in Italian dishes, and the truth is, you can turn just about any old salad or sandwich into a special Italian treat with a little dash of oregano. Besides its great taste, oregano also boasts antimicrobial properties that can fight bacteria.


Cilantro, or coriander as it is sometimes called, is often used in Latino dishes such as salsa or guac. This fragrant leafy herb can add zest to your salad, rice, or any dish that needs a little extra something.

Health benefits include high levels of antioxidants to help keep your body healthy.  


Cumin is often used in Indian cuisine, and few other herbs pack in as much healthful benefits as cumin. Cumin has a unique taste that works well with chicken dishes, beans and lintels. Cumin has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is even used in high doses to treat arthritis.

Cumin can be used in cooking or it can be used to create a healthy anti-inflammatory drink known as Golden Milk.

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