Why You Should Be Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

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In some cultures, aloe vera is highly regarded as being able to cure a number of ailments, and for once this isn’t just a myth or an old wives’ tale. In fact, aloe vera juice is one of those ingredients that’s not only culturally renowned, but can also provide very real, scientifically-proven benefits.
Here are just some of the aloe vera benefits you can enjoy—and if you need to stock up, visit Mother Nature’s Food in Eau Claire, WI.

Vitamin C:

Aloe vera is a great source of vitamin C—in fact, an 8oz glass of fortified aloe vera juice has over 9 grams of vitamin C.


If you’ve ever felt the pain of not being able to go, well, aloe juice can help. The outer parts of the plant contain anthraquinones, which have a laxative effect. Try an 8oz cup of aloe vera juice to start, and always call your doctor if you have other medical conditions or are on medication.

Gum inflammation:

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial elements, which make it a great way to help combat gum inflammation and disease. Studies have shown that those who swish with aloe vera juice have less trouble with gum inflammation and disease than those who brush and use other mouthwash alone.


We all know we have to stay hydrated, but that can be difficult when you’re not a fan of drinking water. Not to worry—drinking aloe vera juice is a low-calorie alternative to sugary juices and soft drinks. Be sure to check the labels to see if anything is added.


Thanks to its high vitamin C content, aloe vera juice has anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help anyone suffering from ulcers. Ulcers are inflamed sores, most commonly on the walls of the stomach lining (although they can appear elsewhere in the digestive system), so aloe’s soothing, anti-inflammatory effects can help suppress the painful wounds.

Blood sugar:

If you’re one of those folks whose blood sugar spikes and falls rapidly, it can be exhausting. Aloe vera juice can help regulate blood sugar—and while scientists are still researching what and how far the effects may extend, it has been shown to help those with diabetes and pre-diabetes.
If you have a serious medical condition, make sure to talk to your doctor before undergoing any new health regimen. For those who are interested in trying aloe vera juice for its numerous health benefits, don’t forget to talk to one of the friendly staff members at Mother Nature’s Food!

Aloe vera juice in Eau Claire, WI
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