Why You Should Be Shopping at a Local Health Food Store

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Your local health food store has a treasure trove of items that will help you feel better. Rushed lives and overcommitment make taking care of health difficult, but local health foods in Eau Claire, WI can make that easier. Fatigue, pain and depression are often linked to nutritional deficiencies, and the right combination of food and supplements can improve symptoms. Here are five reasons why you should visit us at Mother Nature’s Food today:

Support the local economy: Large grocery chains purchase stock that was raised and manufactured miles away. The cheese you purchase from a health food store likely came from a local farm, and the meat and vegetables are likely from the same people you see at your farmer’s market. Also, health food stores are run as small businesses by local people, which offers another boost to a neighbor. When you visit the health food store rather than a big grocery chain, you are better supporting your community.

Accommodate dietary limits: Those suffering from celiac disease or nut allergies often note that it is difficult to find food that falls within their dietary limits. The same is true for those who choose to consume a vegan or vegetarian diet, and they often find that they pay more or search longer to find what they can eat. Local health food stores have more options in these categories. Whether you must abstain from gluten or soy, there is no shortage of items to try, and you may find something new. Dietary limitations often seem like they can lead to boring food, but that will no longer be the case if you visit a health food store.

Buy in bulk: Specialty stores and organic food have reputations for being expensive. Sometimes that is true, except when you buy in bulk. Fruit, granola, tea and herbs are all available in bulk, and the ingredients are of much better quality. Dry fruit is often a health food store specialty, and you will have more options than at your local chain grocery store. The endless number of healthy snacks is a huge bonus, whether you are avoiding allergies or trying to improve your health.

Unique options: Visiting our bulk food department offers another advantage: customization. If you have a favorite herb or tea combination, you can find the ingredients in bulk foods and stock up. The same is true if you like unique fresh herbs to satisfy your inner kitchen witch. You can go beyond the ordinary when you visit a local health food store and find flavors and combinations that enrich your healthy lifestyle.

Organic beauty options: Many skin care, makeup and grooming products are full of chemicals that may cause allergies and other side effects. If you have sensitive skin and want to make healthier choices, seek local products at a health food store. We have brands that are not available elsewhere, and since the products are of better quality, you do not go through them as quickly.

Mother Nature’s Food is your local health food store in Eau Claire, WI. Visit us today for something different or to support your current healthy lifestyle.

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