Why You Should Buy a Free-Range Turkey This Year

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As a health food shop in Eau Claire, WI, it’s probably not surprising that when it comes to our meats, we find free-range to be preferable to factory-farmed meats, which frankly rely on a certain unthinking and cruel mindset that daily demeans each animal before its slaughter, all in the name of saving money and energy.

We know that, for a lot of families, free-range is cost-prohibitive, meaning there’s no way to replace all of their meat consumption with free-range meat. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to decrease their consumption of factory-farmed meat. One very simple way to start that change is to replace the meat you serve at family gatherings and holidays with a free-range offering. These are small, one-time increases to your budget, and not only are the animals treated better in life, they taste better too!

When you eat factory-raised turkey, you’re eating a sick animal

Factory-raised food is selected to be larger than the animals would naturally occur in the wild. A factory-raised turkey at five months old is as large as a fully aged turkey. The fast growth puts such stress on the animal’s organ system that at the point it’s taken to slaughter, the animal is often only a few months away from having a heart attack, or experiencing other forms of organ failure. This means the animal you’re eating was weak and sick.

True free-range turkeys lead healthier lives

We carry Mary’s Free-Range Turkeys, which are truly free-range, meaning they’re given the freedom to roam an enormous area, and not just put into an industrial shed and called “free-range” because they aren’t kept in cages, which is unfortunately a disturbing industry trend. Mary’s turkeys live a healthier life. They’re never given antibiotics or hormones, and eat a vegetarian diet. These are healthy, natural turkeys, which have been taken care of. Mary’s turkeys never see a cage and are not mistreated, as is common in factory farms. The difference is night and day, and that means a more flavorful turkey than you can find anywhere else.

Factory-raised turkeys lived in messy quarters with almost no space

Factory raised birds are often kept in cages that are incredibly tight. It’s a short lifetime with very little movement, being force-fed, kept “healthy” with injections of nutrients, antibiotics and hormones, every step accounted for down to the penny. These quarters are often caked in filth, turkey droppings and feathers and are loud and distressing places for these turkeys to live out their short lives.

True free-range turkeys live like normal turkeys

Free-range turkeys live a lot like normal turkeys do, eating, roosting and roaming. They’re not forced to acclimate to the life of a prisoner before becoming food. Instead, they’re allowed to live their own lives, according to their own instincts—to just be turkeys, in other words. Even better, free-range setups like Mary’s are often family run. Mary’s is run by the Pitman family, who are third-generation farmers in California.

Visit a health food shop in Eau Claire, WI

Why not splurge a little on the healthiest, tastiest turkey you’ll ever find? Mary’s Free-Range Turkeys are the best California has to offer. As a health food shop in Eau Claire, WI, we’re dedicated to serving only the best, healthiest food around. Come in now and get your turkey. Your family and friends will be impressed with how tasty and perfect your turkey is. They’ll never believe you got it from a health food shop!

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