What Are Electrolytes, and Why Is It Important to Replace Them?

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You’d be hard pressed to find an adult who hasn’t heard of electrolytes. Countless sports drinks across the market advertise an ability to replenish electrolytes. So, they must be something good, right? What are electrolytes, and why are they so vital to your body’s health? Here are the answers to your most pressing questions, from the team at our trusted health food store in Eau Claire, WI. What are electrolytes? Electrolytes aren’t one specific substance. The term “electrolyte” is actually an umbrella term that refers to several electrically-charged minerals that perform a massive variety of services to your body. Some... View Article

What Are the Best Natural Remedies for Headaches?

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Everybody gets a headache from time to time. Whether it’s a mild throbbing at the center of your brow or a debilitating pounding in your temples, no one enjoys enduring headaches. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the option to reach for some kind of over-the-counter headache relief like acetaminophen or aspirin. If you’re dealing with blood pressure issues or are prone to a sensitive stomach, those conventional pain relief methods may prove more harmful than helpful. Fortunately, you can gain headache relief with the aid of a healthy lifestyle supplemented by natural and organic foods in Eau Claire, WI. Here... View Article

Healthy Options for Your Next Picnic

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At long last, the cold winter weather has receded, and summer is here. It’s time to take advantage of all the splendor of our lush natural surroundings. Whether you’re out for a hike or you’re looking for an all-day activity the family will love, summer is the perfect season for a picnic. This summer, why not mix things up? Instead of the boring old picnic staples, why not stock your next family outing with an assortment of natural and organic foods in Eau Claire, WI? Things to avoid For some reason, the regular foods associated with a picnic have not... View Article

Go Green for Your Picnic or Party Supplies

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Each day, more and more people are waking up to the importance of staying green. Thinking about (and consciously reducing) our impact on the environment is critical if we want to preserve the world for future generations. Fortunately, enjoying your favorite summer pastimes, like going on a family picnic or planning a get-together, doesn’t have to strain the environment. Here are some tips, courtesy of your local health food store in Eau Claire, WI, to go green at your next big gathering. BYOCAU You’ve heard of BYOB (which is still never a bad policy), but if you want to reduce... View Article

Homeopathic Remedies for Insect Bites

June 23, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

There’s nothing better than spending time in the Great Outdoors, especially when the warm months of summer make it so welcoming. Unfortunately, obnoxious pests like mosquitoes also find the summer weather to be the perfect time to grab delicious snacks from unsuspecting people who are simply trying to soak up the sun. Fortunately, many natural beauty and health products in Eau Claire, WI are outstanding homeopathic remedies for irritating bites and stings. Natural methods for treating bug bites and stings You can certainly purchase over-the-counter remedies filled with man-made ingredients to treat your bites or stings. However, there are natural... View Article