How to Fight Back Against the Risk of Lyme Disease

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Summer is here, and that means you’ll be outside much more, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the warm temperatures. Unfortunately, that means deer ticks will be out in full force as well, ready to attach themselves to you and suck your blood. (Sorry, but that’s really what they do!) Lyme disease, which starts with a deer tick bite, often manifests at first with flu-like symptoms but can develop into a long-term inflammatory condition. The good news is that you can take care of yourself to reduce your risk of developing this disease. With the help of a nutrition store... View Article

Why Natural Vitamins Beat Synthetic Every Time

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Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to function. A lack of vitamins in your diet can lead to a variety of harmful health conditions like osteoporosis, obesity, anorexia and iron deficiency. Not having the right vitamins in your diet can have a long-term impact on your overall wellness. For this reason, you might take a multivitamin or other supplement to ensure that you’re getting enough nutrients in your diet. But the fact is that not all vitamins are created alike. For a variety of reasons, synthetic vitamins don’t do the job properly. Your body doesn’t recognize them as real vitamins,... View Article

Essential Oils for Anxiety

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The stresses of modern life can sometimes feel like they are simply too much to bare. Finances, work and relationships can all be constant burdens, especially for people suffering from chronic anxiety. Whether you occasionally just become a bit too worried or are almost always consumed by feelings of anxiousness and dread, you are probably looking for a natural and healthy solution to your anxiety. Thankfully, organic essential oils in Eau Claire, WI are here to help! Essential oils date back to ancient times. They are highly distilled essences of certain herbs and botanicals. Aromatherapy, or the act of treating... View Article

How to Take Steps Toward Being More Proactive About Your Health

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Americans are increasingly becoming more health-conscious than ever. Today, many people are paying more attention to what they eat, how they exercise and the steps they can take to improve their physical well-being than ever before. This is great news, both for individuals pursuing healthier lifestyles and for the overall health of the general public. If you are wondering how you can engage in a healthier lifestyle and begin taking the necessary steps toward a more engaged and informed relationship with your body, you should first of all try visiting nutrition stores in Eau Claire, WI. Many nutrition stores staff... View Article

Fight the Flu This Winter!

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Winter is just about guaranteed to bring a few things to Eau Claire—cold temperatures, snowfall and the flu. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that this flu season has been particularly bad. It’s spreading more than it usually does, and those with the flu are worse off than usual. Even those who got the flu shot have been getting sick! Thankfully, organic grocery stores in Eau Claire, WI carry crucial supplements to help fight the side effects of the flu, including elderberries. Keep reading to learn more about all of the positive aspects of elderberries and how... View Article